How to choose your kitchen knife from Sunnecko?

  • Cooking for beginners

If you are a beginner cook and you're wondering what kitchen knives you need, you can choose our Chang Series, Hefeng Series and K135 Series.

Change and K135 series are popular in EU and US market.It belongs to the modern style of Europe and America. Hefeng series is based on Japanese popular elements to design the style of original wood.


Change Series is Laser-engraved pattern, but not real Damascus.

K135 Series is hammer-finished design.

Customers like the ease of wooden handle of the kitchen knife. They say it's easy to use and makes food preparation easier. Customers appreciate the sharpness of the knife, saying it cuts like butter. They like the appearance of the product, saying its high-quality and impressive. Customers also appreciate the value for money, saying the knife is excellent for the price. Customers are impressed with the quality of the blade, saying that it' s sturdy and performs beautifully.


  • Our MOST-LOVEDSeries

It's our unique design. It perfectly embodies our pursuit of the ultimate sharpness and high-end quality of the Damascus knife. Our MOST-LOVED Series are hot sale from all over the world. Our factory has more than 20 years of production experience.

  • Classic Series

Symbolizing "GOOD LUCK" in Eastern Culture, this unique auspicious cloud pattern is formed by the folding and laminating of 73 layers Damascus steel. Forged with superior craftsmanship, the blade is thinner and more robust, ultra sharp, wear and rust resistant, anti corrosion and non-stick.

  • Japanese Design Sheng Series

Triple Layered Clad Steel Blade The Sushi knife blade is forged by three-layer clad steel, including a 9CR18MOV steel core for enhanced toughness and resistance to rust and corrosion. The cooking knife surface boasts tasteful black retro dimples, while the cutting edge forms a flame-like pattern, providing a unique look and ensuring easier cuts.

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