About us

Sunnecko Kitchen Knives

"Prepare Every Meal with Joy!" - Sunnecko.

Sunnecko knows how crucial a good set of kitchen knives is to chefs and home cooks. We offer best quality knives for effortless and time-saving prep work to bring our customers joy and satisfaction.

All our kitchen knives are forged from premium materials, such as Damascus steel, German 1.4116 high carbon steel, Japanese VG10 steel, and so on. It takes at least 50 steps to construct a knife. From forging to hand sharpening and honing, we promise every knife with incredible sharpness, hardness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance.

Sunnecko kitchen knives could fulfill your daily kitchen task and make every cutting, slicing, mincing and chopping a joyful experience. Enjoy cooking. Enjoy every cut with our kitchen knives!